The Mountains

The bite of the winds lashing against the face, the eyes closing and blinking; the mind thinking what the hell am I doing up here, suddenly the eyes opened clearly, the wind had dropped and the beauty of it all came close to me. Now I know why I and others do it, because we are free and its all for nothing; nothing else matters. The appreciation of age, the memories, the photographs, ódid I climb that; looking at Great Gables-Scafell, the sky so blue, a tint of orange and yellow as the morning disappears into the day of beauty, the magnificent scenery. Looking down onto the valley in the distance, the deep screes going down to the vast expanse of water, which holds many memories. I perspire, out of breath, my body aches, my legs are gone, sit down, admire the views and relax, donít think of anything but what you see.

 At last I recover, back down the mountain, over the rocks and the screeís, the mind thinking about the Pint of Beer, the smell of Dinner cooking, contentment, careful! Watch the rocks, the rain is driving down, a flash of lighting, thunder, the end of a day to remember.

 Sitting in the Bar, the face flushed and glowing, my stomach full with the Beer and food, soon the eyes will blink and shut, a sign of tiredness, ready to take the stairs and rest my weary body, to drift off into another world. Tomorrow Iíll wake up with the excitement of another day in the Mountains, will it be the same or will I take to the Valleys and wander looking up to the tops and say not today, maybe tomorrow. The Sun shining down, the shadows across the valley, the making of a painting to the artist, so Iíll never forget.

Hanging on the Wall to see every day, to relive my memories of yesterday.


Jack Gorbutt November 19th 2009



This brings back many memories to me and Iím sure to many more..

The first 6 lines were written many years ago after going up Ben Ledi in Scotland one February, Found it on a scrap of paper last week so finished it. How true it is.

This is also in memories of two very good friends who sadly are no longer with us but were there on Ben Ledi.