‘Memories are forever’ 

It all started after the 1995 re-union of the village Youth Club when I had made a video of the day for my own use, originally, but finished up selling a number to friends in the village.

As a result of this several people asked me to transfer old cine film onto video which I did and I requested permission to use any relevant footage in a video of Swinefleet.

Subsequently I gathered a fairly comprehensive library of events, places and people over several years with the intention of compiling a video ’Memories of Swinefleet’. In 2006 I decided that it was about time I started to put all the information together and produce what was now to be a DVD. This I did and the dvd was made, I originally needed to sell around 30 copies to cover any expences incurred, but with the help of 3 ladies in the village the number far exceeded this and is still ongoing.

I decided to donate all proceeds from the sales to the Village Hall Fund in memory of Miss Elsie Laverack a local teacher and Youth Club leader in the 40’s and 50’s in Swinefleet. (the total to date has reached Ł340 and is still rising).

The contents of the DVD are occasions that took place in the village, Galas, Weddings, events on the river and an album including local people of note over a period of many years. All villages in years gone by had a certain number of so called ‘characters’ who in my opinion should be remembered, this is my way of remembering several of these people in Swinefleet.

The sales of the DVD’s have sold far beyond any expectations and this is due entirely to the help of 4 ladies living in the village, Connie Ede, Margaret Bristow, Peggy Nicholson, and Val Phillipson without whom I would not have been able to contact the hundreds of people living not just in Swinefleet and the local area, but all over the world.

Again, as a result of the dvd I have been inundated with new material, (cine films, to be put onto dvd for individuals and still photos for an album) which has now been edited and put together on a dvd ‘Memories of Swinefleet 2’ which is due to be released on the 27th October 2007 at the usual Autumn Dance in the Village Hall at Swinefleet.

Further material is still being received and I am currently compiling another dvd for release sometime next year. If anyone has any photos or cine films about Swinefleet and they would like to see them on the dvd, please get in touh with me on 01977794563 or email gunno72@talktalk.net  for inclusion. 

Roy Gunson.